I blame sewing…

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 12.06.26

My rubbish first attempt: Astoria Sweater

Hello, is there anyone home? Nothing has been made in the sewing room in a while… no noise of stitches being stitched or the bulldozers (accordingly to my husband that is the sound of the overlocker). Have you lost your sew-jo, Rachel? Not really. I am still very excited about sewing. Got a clear vision of my winter plans, my fabrics are pre washed, my sewing room been cleaned and rearranged. Strangely procrastination took over at HOP HQ. Not the paralysing one. Actually it’s more like a new found curiosity for new things. You see, sewing opens your mind to so many possibilities that you get addicted to learning. First you want to learn everything about how to make things: Stitches, finishes, fabrics… than you dabble into quilting, embroidery, knitting, crochet.  Than one weekend you decide that you want to draw your sewing plans. Because why not, right?

I blame sewing… by making me so addicted to create things around it.

  • I get you! I like your first croquis, looks very much like you 🙂 I usually doodle in a sketchbook, I became sketchbook addicted in highschool where I followed an art program.
    If you are interested, I hosted a short series of posts on drawing for sewing last year on my blog. (next December a second one) Maybe you’ll find some helpful advice there!
    Curious to see other sketches! Are you drawing your full winter wardrobe?

    • I will definitely have a look. At the moment i’m taking baby steps and just learning the skills. I would love to be able to make something like an art illustration in the future.

  • Be careful, before you know it you’ll be baking cakes in the shape of sewing machines and planting your garden to make the best use of natural dyes

    • Lol already there in the cake stakes. Great idea on the natural dyeing though xx

  • Haha, I have the same problem!
    First it was only sewing, then I illustrated a few blog posts, started knitting and woodworking (because stools and thread racks) and at the same time I’m itching to try fabric printing, dyeing and embroidery.

    Also: Hannah’s idea of planting your garden to make the best of natural dyes sounds intriguing … 😉

  • I like to sketch out ideas, and I also like it when they change. its good to make plans (and even better when they get done). I think once you are a maker, you really can turn your hand to so much – i tend to start with the unfortunate words, ‘sure, how hard can it be’, I often later rue them but trying out new stuff brings a lot more fun than heartache!