Keep it warm


Winters always brings a cyclical desire to slow down on the dressmaking and concentrate “on the sofa” activities like knitting, embroidery, and hand-quilting. The weather is cold and the dark days make this Brazilian wish to hibernate. So hard to keep motivation up. This time of the year our waistlines grown a little lot so who wants to keep remeasuring themselves. Not me. Every end of year I tend to pick on one “new” activity and go mad. Fickle? Totally. Last year was home crafting but be hold: this is the year of knitting.  I been an ‘on-off’ beginner for ages. With so many inspiring projects about I feel motivated to have a hand knitted Christmas jumper by next year.

Suggestions on pattern welcomed. I normally ask my mom-in-law (knitting rockstar) to make me a seasonal sweater so she will be pleased to have next year off.


Let’s talk about what’s cooking knitting. Nothing super complicated as my last knitting project was 3 years ago.


Project one is the LIL’ FOXY ROXY scarf from Wool and the Gang, colour Bordeaux. Which is gorgeous!

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 09.55.20

A few of us been invited by WATG to a fun knit & ‘natter at Etsy Uk. Where we started ( and finished* ) our scarfs. *I managed to finish mine on the train home. What? One evening scarf? Knitting heaven for beginners like me. Well, it helps that their needles and ‘crazy sexy wool’ are so chunky. During the cyber sales I bought 3 more yarns. You did spot me wearing my Liberty shirtdress on WATG Instagram?

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 17.07.45

Project number 2.  Can I just say how amazing this early Christmas gift from my hubby is? A yarn bowl!

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 09.41.53

I started with the 15mm/US19 needles but the yarn wasn’t chunky enough. I moved to a 12mm. This is actually a Christmas gift to my brother. NY is cold right now and I loved the urban colours of the yarn. We have similar completion. I’m so excited to see him wearing it during our NY walks. Because of the time difference his ‘walk to work” hits my lunchtime and we tend to talk for 5-10 mins a few times a week (depending how busy we are). We been apart for most of our adult lives as I moved away from home in the tender age of 18 but it never stopped us being close.


Guys don’t like over embellished scarfs which made this a quick project. It took me around 3 evenings (+ commute) to complete. Yarn details: RICO fashion tweed super chunky// Colour FARBE 005. Italian Yarn: 50% wool, 45% acrylic and 5% viscose.

During Christmas week I will be moving to my new project which will incorporate more details.At the moment I’m just doing loads of tests swatches. I will keep you updated on my “keeping warm” progress. Sadly not many finished garments to show you as my sewing machine been down for the last 2,5 weeks. I can show you so many half cut projects.

Suzy Menkes recent said that the biggest luxury of the 21st century is to wear something handmade. Time is the most expensive commodity but love that goes into it is un-mesurable.

  • It’s actually been unseasonably warm in New York! But I’m sure your brother will appreciate this scarf when it does get cold. 🙂 I too enjoy knitting during the winter. It feels so cozy.

    • The unseasonably warm make me smile. As we love the warm even when isn’t that cold for locals we still feel it’s cold.

  • Love your latest scarf Rachel, and what a coincdence we blogged on the same day! loved meeting you, hopefully see you in the New year?
    Ashley x

    • i Know… so cool. lets meet for sure

  • Both scarves are beautiful!

  • Great scarf. I love the big wool cozy coat, it would look great on you, expensive though.

  • I love the patterns in Home and Away by Hannah Fettig which was released this year, there are some lovely cardigans / jumpers & they are relatively straight forward. I’m a big fan of Amirisu & Pom Pom magazines too.

  • This time of year is totally all about the knitting! I mean, it’s too cold to photograph your sewing anyway…unless you’ve made a coat!
    I love a quick and easy knit and the colours you’ve chosen are stunning, especially the bordeaux.

  • I’m so glad you’re knitting! Let’s see, a couple of easy knits that I made early in my knitting career are the camp out fingerless mitts, and Idlewood sweater. Can’t wait to see your knitting adventures!

    • Will defo look our for these.