Papercut Fall (Rise and Fall turtlenecks)


When a fashion item you love and wear constantly get’s an officially “on trend” stamp what one to do? Make one, of course. Early November, before making my kielo dress, I made Papercut Rise & Fall turtlenecks. They are called polo neck here in England and high collar in Brazil.

The sizing is generous. The ‘rise’ version is fitted while the ‘fall’ version is loose. I have sewn the Fall version on my usual paper cut size ‘small’. Alterations to the bodice were lengthened by 1 inch and adding a cuff/hem band. The fabric was perfect. It is a pebble colour sweater knit, which I bought at the secret sale. This colour works so well as a basic making this top very easy to style.

Add flare jeans+ shearling coat to time warp back into the 70’s. I confess I don’t have a favourite decade. I love how clothes details are influenced by the social element and re-interpreted over and over.



I got some white ponte knit to make the ‘rise’ version. I’m not one to get excited about making basics, but when you get so much mileage of a handmade item when there is so little time investment, it is kind of a non brainer to make more.

Now let’s get inside and warm up with a nice cup of chai latte.


  • Helen

    The turtleneck looks great on you!

  • I’m fond of turtle necks and Papercut Papers. Sounds like a winner to me!

  • Very on-trend and classic!

  • Insanely stylish – a very classic look!

  • gorgeous, cant beat a comfy classic sweater ……….yours is very elegant

  • Fabulous – you make this pattern look gorgeous and I’m so chuffed because I’ve just bought it too!

  • I love polo neck shirts. These are fab.

  • Love this Rachel – will save for when it gets cold here in Australia!

    Quite a while ago I mentioned that I was sewing my own wedding dress, and you mentioned you’d like to see the finished project, you can see the finished dress here:

    Stay warm x !

  • Simple but so stylish! Plus this looks so comfy. Love the whole look!

  • Love your turtleneck. Looks so nice and comfy. It looks great on you!

  • Very nice! I love turtlenecks and don’t know why I haven’t made any?? This one is beautiful on you and such a classic style. You’ve inspired me!

  • PsychicKathleen

    I’m always torn about making things that are so simple yet worn all the time too. I think I should be spending my precious making something fancy but then think, “Where would I even wear something fancy?!” So when I see this nice top on you I remind myself that it really does make sense to spend my time making something I wear all the time and look at the other benefits such as getting to choose the fabric and making it fit great (like yours!). Thank you for sharing your process and finished product. Thought provoking and inspiring!