Forget traditional Christmas jumpers. This year I’m being rebellious and wearing this vintage tooth-hound hand knitted jacket. I am very lucky to not only be the recipient but able to influence the design decisions. Initially I was drawn-in by the monochrome of the original pattern picture. I wanted something bold with a complementary colour scheme to highlight the pattern effect. I end up picking two colors that are opposite each other on the colour wheel for a high-contrast. What do you think about the result? The styling it’s a bit unconventional for me. I do print clash all the time but not inspired by Vintage clothes. I’m sure to have fun picking what to wear with my new handmade sweater.

The ninja knitter is my talented Mom-in-Law. She kindly sent me the pattern alterations needed for pattern to fit me perfectly.

toothhoundwendyjacket buttons

Pattern: Vintage Knits by Wendy #335.

Pattern alterations ( Words by Rosemary)

Back and Fronts =Pattern – bottom band 3 1/4 ins/8cm. Actual – 4ins/10cm so when folded under and slip stitched in place it gave a depth of 5cm instead of 4cm.
Pattern – 13 3/4ins/35cm to armhole from start of the pattern. Actual – 16ins/41 cm from start of pattern.

Sleeves =Pattern – cuff 2 1/2ins/6cm.   Actual – 3ins/7 1/2cm.
Pattern – 18ins/46cm to underarm from start of pattern.  Actual – 20ins/51cm to underarm from start of pattern.

Collar depth=Pattern – 2 1/2ins/6cm.  Actual – 4 3/4 ins/12cm.

I had to adjust the distances between making the buttonholes as I had made the buttonhole band longer than the pattern stated.

I used self-cover buttons and knitted the covers to match the borders. ( 27mm)

The houndstooth pattern consisted of 6 stitches in one colour and then 3 stitches in the contrast colour. So instead of carrying the yarn across 6 stitches at the back of the work, I wove it in every 3 stitches to avoid the yarn “pulling” the knitting and to give a nice neat finish on the reverse of the jacket.

  • That jumper is amazing! I’m jealous!

    • I’m totally jel of myself. Still cannot believe the level of work in it. She done amazing

  • I love it! Could you post the pattern? It should be well out of copyright by this point. So chic!

    • This is actually under copyright because it’s a new reissued collection of vintage patterns. The book is well worth acquiring. So many cool patterns.

  • absolutely beautiful. how special to have a hand knit sweater from someone who loves you.

  • I love it. The colour scheme works so well on you and the fit is great. You’ve made the styling your own; a very modern rendition of a vintage pattern

  • Stunning! Rebellious suits you to a T! I love the entire look on you!

    • Thanks Sue. I want to make it justice to the piece.

  • That must be the coolest piece of knitting I’ve seen in a long time! Your mum-in-law has done an amazing job and you do it all the justice in the world!

    • Thanks Chris. I will try to make my own jumper next year and I’m glad I can call on her to help me.

  • Rachel your MIL. is Queen of the knitters a genius…lucky you!

  • Very, very nice. The colour/print contrast is perfect and both suit your own colouring to a tee. Fabulous!

  • So amazing. That contrast is vintage perfection. I think I need a ninja knitter in my life.

  • LOVE IT! And I love it with that dress. Seriously high quality work.

  • Oh you lucky lucky girl! Your MIL is seriously talented.

  • Annie

    Absolutely gorgeous! Lucky girl!

  • krystal

    THAT is amazing! Major props, lady!

  • So stylish looks better on you than on the model … a more contemporary fit … your mother in law is a true ninja!

  • Fabulous!! What a very nice gift!! I know you were extremely happy receiving this beautiful jumper!

  • Kathleen

    It is perfection! What a lovely present from a loving Mom-in-law. You are blessed.