Sewing Plans Revisited


Do sewing plans really help you focus? Back in March I wrote about my spring plans. Nothing very ambitious as I only picked 3 main projects for my spring/summer list: Coco by Schnittchen patterns, Wenoma by Named & Bruyere by Deer & Doe.  From which I had accomplished two, and considering I got married around that time I’m pretty happy with my sewing progress.

plans Collage

Back in September Sew Crafty sewing journal was launched and I was a lucky recipient of one. A fill-in notebook isn’t new on the market but I welcome the idea of a handy and simple sewing journal to fill project details. A place to add swatches, sketch ideas, add photos and gather a list of suppliers. Beyond the fun element of planning each design,having a written plan helps me visualise my future closet. Including how all the new clothes could work with the old ones. That’s why you seen so many basics and solid colours. I been working hard on focusing on my personal style. About my winter plans:I already completed both the fall turtleneck (which has been a favourite in-rotation item) and my Olivia wrap dress which I’m wearing for New Years. The mimosa culottes became a wip back in September since I didn’t like the fit (too big). I’m fiddling with the design now.



Named Mimosa..



The Sew Crafty journal is on their first edition; with lots of potential as they are actually very open to feedback. The details to fill-in feels almost like a pre-blog notes. I wished I had one when I was a beginner sewist to take to sewing classes with me. To look back at all I learned with each project. Talking about plans and sewing classes, did I mention I’m attending two amazing lingerie classes next year.

Bra Making with Madalynne: London // May 21 + 22 from 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM // New Craft Society in London, England. Students will make a full band, underwire bra.

School of Sewing with Alison Smith// March 30  from 10:00 AM to 4 PM//Ashby de la Zouch

I don’t think It needs mentioning that I’m sewing bras next year, right? Bras and jeans took the sewing community by storm and I’m totally late to the party. What’s on your sewing plans?

  • Hi Rachel. All the best in 2016!

    My plan for 2016 is to at some point face the challenge of trouser/pant fitting. I’m slowly getting better at fitting my back and will definitely continue working on that, too. Overall, I guess, it’s further down the rabbit hole of fitting.

    Everyone who’s taken up bra making seems to have fallen in love with it, so I wish you a lot of fun with it too!

    PS: Not my first comment, but my online aliases are getting mixed up on wordpress. I first said hi in the comments to the Manequim knit peplum top (signed: Kamila). By the way, do you think you’d still like to release the English version of that pattern? It’s a lovely top.

  • I want to sew bras and jeans next year too. I don’t think we are too late, just fashionably so.

  • I plan to sew the Esme top, tunic and Owyn pants from Lotta Jansdotter’s book ‘Everyday Style’.

  • That Sew Crafty notebook looks really interesting. I’m currently using regular notebooks to write my sewing noots. It helps hiding my stationary addiction 😊

    I’m also on team lingerie making,with you, currently enrolled,in a two-year program on lingerie and corset making. We’ll start bra-making first week of January and I’m super excited! I’m also a bit jealous that you get to take a class with her! I watched a bunch of her classes on Craftsy and I think she’s a great teacher. Real life would be an even better experience, I imagine!
    My sewing plans include a wool and silk Alder shirtdress and a knit wrapdress. I’m a big fan of Named’s Kielo dress, so I’m considering that one as a pattern for winter too! Happy sewing!

  • Hi Rachel,
    Sew Crafty Journal looks like it could be a good tool for planning. Yours look so neat and organized, it is great. I am not sure if there are sewists out there like me but I am so disorganized…I tried planning my projects and the materials but that only works for a few patterns, then I go back to old habits. Also, most often I buy fabric because I like it and then I try to find a pattern that it could work with. I guess not the best method but that’s how it works.
    I am planning to begin the year by sewing some patterns from papercut patterns: the swimsuit and pneuma tank. After that I would like to try the Cooper bag by Colette. You are absolutely right that sewing lingerie and jeans are taking over the sewing community, it is so nice that you’ll be attending Madalynne’s workshop, I am living way too far away for that…

    Happy new year with lots of sewing!

  • That journal looks like such a good idea. You have had a great sewing year. I look forward to seeing what you come up with next year. As for jeans and bras, i know they have taken the sewing world over but I just don’t have any interest 🙂 too easy to just buy them and save my sewing time for tailoring! Happy New Year, Beth

  • Planning really has helped me to concentrate on what I want to sew and channel my energy on accomplishing those things. I try to plan for the short term only, one month at a time, because I have a hard time staying on schedule. Also, I’m fickle, and I don’t like to feel too attached to an itinerary. I have a good old fashioned wall calendar that I’ve started using to plan-out projects.January is already set in motion. 😀

  • I’m planning on sewing through a lot of my untried stash patterns, sewing for a series (or two) on my blog, jean fitting, and filling out my core wardrobe. I plan pretty far ahead for my blog, but leaving room for spontaneity is important too.

  • I love sewing with a plan – but I have far too many 🙂 In theory, I like a notebook and a pen more, but since I tend to change my plans a lot, a digital tool (Trello) suits me better. Plus it has the benefit of adding links and pictures…

    As usual, I’m never in the same party as the rest of the sewing community. 🙂 I never wear jeans, and never been tempted with bras (so many lovely to buy!) so I would say dresses, dresses and dresses for me.

  • I ordered the workbook and they only had one style left so I’m glad I found your post! It’s a brilliant layout and I’ve been thinking for a while about how to record my makes and plans! Thank you for such a great post on many things!