When you cannot sew; you dream-sew…


It’s only past the second working day and like everyone else I’m thinking is time to scape the winter. A wish that should be granted in less than 2 weeks when I will be packing my bags to visit my family in Brazil. With so many life commitments pending, it looks like there will be a minimum sewing time fighting an enormous wish list. On one side; it’s my desire to finish my winter plans. The other is the “need” for new holiday clothes. Please tell me I’m not the only person that leave all her holiday sewing last minute. Not to mention how unlucky that the majority of my time off over Christmas my machine has been off-duty (on sick leave… bless her).

Do you feel you been productive when day dreaming sewing?

Winter List:Guise Pants Papercut,Turtleneck or another long sleeve top, Isla Trench Named,Debbie Bliss Ribbed sweater, Leotti Dress Named, Fumeterre Dear and Doe ...
Summer List:Alexandria  Peg Trousers Named, Savannah Camisole Seamwork, Waver Jacket Papercut.
And more...
  • Claire Kennedy

    My sewing mentor used to ask me if I had made a piece of fabric up, and I used to say to her, “50 times already…….in my head!!!!” Schedules ebb and flow like the tides – it’s the way of life, as much as we try to fight it, I’ve sort of let it have it’s way with me now and try to ebb and flow with it. If I get it done, fine, if I don’t, it’s for another day.

  • Anne-Rose

    Sounds very familiar! I always have endless to sew lists! This autumn I focused on my winter plans a bit more than my holiday sewing. I do have plenty of warm weather clothes, but am lacking in winter wear. Try to pick one or two items which you can realistically finish before your holidays and focus on those. Have a great time in Brazil, I’m jealous of you 🙂

  • Poppy

    I find a deadline so much easier to sew to, random makes can take hours or days depending on whats happening. Best thing I learnt for me, is being realistic – not a fun word but helps me keep focused. x

  • Awwww…you sew so much, you really should have another machine so that you have a backup and can keep sewing. It also helps for projects where you want to topstitch–you can have one machine set up with regular thread and one set up with topstitching tread, that way you can switch back and forth and don’t have to stop!

    Bon voyage!