Double trouble


This will be the last post featuring beautiful weather. I will stop teasing you with all that amazing sunshine and impose some cold looking pictures soon but let me share two selfless projects I sewn before going on holiday. Two blue maxi dresses in floral print; one for my mom and the other for my M.i.l (Check her knitting skills here, here and here.)

Lady Skater (modified)

maxidress7 maxidress6

My Mom really loves the lady skater bodice + gathered maxi skirt. She wears her previous version so much. Looking at her maxi dresses collection I saw a nice design to replicate next time. A kimono style with high waist shirring both at the front and back. Anyone has experience with shirring jersey? I would love some tips. Not much to say about the pattern: easy construction, great fit and good wardrobe builder. I used triple zigzag stretch instead of twin needles. Very effective and easy method to finish a knit neckline. This gorgeous fabric was bought on a previous trip to Brazil. How cute she looks!


Simplicity 1804


Back in december my Mom-in-law asked if I would have time to sew her a dress for our upcoming Brasil trip. She knits all this amazing stuff for me so how can I refuse. We looked at many patterns settling with Simplicity 1806 after some lovely versions + reviews online. My only request was that she would get the fabric of her choice and cut the pieces ready for me to sew.

The pattern instructions were compressive and maybe a bit extra complicated for how simple the dress is. I did love that the neckline had facings making it a neat finish but It caused  grief when we had to re-size the dress which I will delve in detail. You see, even though my Mil sewn a lot in her youth she still finding her way back to it. On the caution side she cut a very large size.

When I was making the dress my instinct was telling me it was going to be too big and lucky I did construct the dress differently from the directions just in case as she wouldn’t be trying it on. We had to unpick the facing and the fabric didn’t like it.  A triangle was added for more modesty. In the end we did manage to get a decent fit which we will use as a base for the new bodice. We both agreed that I should re-cut and sew the bodice again in a smaller size.We really like the pattern shape on her. The fabric is John Kaldor bought at her local fabric shop.



Aren’t my mo(m)dels adorable? What’s on your sewing machine?

  • LOL…I LOVE that…MOMdels! Yes, they are indeed adorable in their designer dresses.

    On the sewing machine…a Clare Coat!

  • Great dresses! I have had success shirring and gathering jersey in the same as woven fabric – using shirring elastic in the bobbin, wound on by hand and a long stitch length. More rows= more shirring.

  • Debi_myhappysewingplace

    Wow! I love this post so much! How lovely to sew some dresses for your MOMdels!!


    Mo(m)del has to be the cutest way to describe your lovely mother and mother in law! They both look gorgeous in their maxi dresses. 😀

  • yes, they look adorable! They should be happy with their new dresses.

  • Yes they most certainly are. Great dresses, age appropriate without any hint of dowdy.

  • These are great dresses and they look perfect on the moms!

  • dalila

    A little accident with my serger led me to a great shirring method that works for wovens or jersey.
    It’s easy: using the ‘gather’ setting in the serger, serge the edge that you want to make the shirring on, and then just pull one of the threads. Now, I cannot say exaclty which thread it was, because honestly I was trying to rip the serged seams (I didn’t get as much shirring as I wanted) when I caught one of the threads and it started pulling out pretty easily, making a gorgeous shirring on the way.

    I’m almost sure it wasn’t any of the loops’ threads, but one of the straight seams. I guess you could do some tests with your fabric and serger’s shirring settings and see how it works for you.