Sprout Patterns & Victoria Blazer




I love having a sewing project on holiday. Back in 2014 I took a sewing machine to Brazil so I can sit by the pool and sew. It’s a tough life I tell ya! Without my sewing room stash to procrastinate  pick from, I have to rely on pre-planning. Pretty much I have to have all the pattern pieces cut, the instructions and notions I intend to use with me. Worrying about what to take is something I didn’t want to do during the madness time that is packing and life organising before a trip. To stress-freeing my time I used Sprout Patterns; a service that combines a well known fabric printing service (Spoonflower) with the coolest indie patterns companies.

How it works

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Image Courtesy of Sprout Patterns

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The process is simple and quickish. Well, quick if you know what print you want to use. I promise you will be tempted to spend the whole day trying all the possible prints combinations. With 4 designs and a Facebook poll the ‘floral love’ project was the winner.  Thank you for helping me pick a design. The next challenge was to make sure the print placement was as it optimum. A lot of users don’t know that the fabric layer moves so you can adjust the print within the design. You can see what I’m taking about on this live periscope video. 

I ordered size 10 and arrived like this. You get a copy of the pattern with your order. Ideal if you want to make it again. Separates can be order with different sizes for top and bottom.


Patterns come ready to use with all the notches and labels you can attach. Super helpful as you can see on my Instagram. I personally think this makes a great project for those wanting to learn how to sew. A lot of the frustration of tracing and cutting the fabric is taking out of the occasion. Specially eliminating the risk of forgetting the notches which are key to a good construction.


Of course, with ‘all that jazz’ something had to give. The “fitting” adjustments are limited. You can fudge the seam allowance, fix slopped shoulders and shorten the hem but you cannot alter the pattern at length. This limitation can be problematic for me with many sewing patterns but it wasn’t an issue with this one. They have a growing pattern collection so It wouldn’t be difficult to pick more patterns that wouldn’t have been a problem either. One consideration to make: As I never used spoonflower fabrics before I cannot comment on their level of shrinkage. I will have to report how much it affects this blazer after a few washes.

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How expensive? I think it depends what fabric and pattern combination you choose. The pattern (£14)+ aver. price of similar fabric in the UK (£16.50 Cotton Sateen/ metre) x 2.5 M needed=£55. This project would have costed me: $71 (equivalent £48.77) *without lining. For many people that value is considered well within the range they would spend with a non-customer printed fabric. Lining used: lime green “vintage dressmakers” theme cotton from my stash.



What a fun holiday sewing project. I cannot wait for the weather to improve here in the UK for my floral blazer to make it’s debut outside Brazil. I almost lost this blazer’s custody to my mom but with a promise to help her sew one for herself it came in the bag with me. I been trying to get her to sew forever. When I was home I had to “pay my stay” with loads of odds sewing jobs for her. Remember the 24 placemats for her birthday party? This time she got me sewing +15 protection bags. Each of the different bias binding colour to allocate the size of the bedding. After spending 11 days under mom’s tidiness influence I came home and started declaring war to clutter in my own house. Forget Konmari’s method. Mama Pinheiro knows her stuff. (Destash IG account created but so far I haven’t purged anything)

I will finish this blog post with my husband photobombing me.  Awww, This project will carry some lovely holiday memories.


*The fabric was given to me free of charge for a collaboration. All opinions and words remain my own. 

  • How cool! I guess the only drawback would be that you can’t do much altering. But totally fin for a simple, easy fit pattern.

    • Thanks sweety. This was such a stress free project. I love the children and bag ranges because no fitting.

  • This is gorgeous and is so you! I’m feeling warmer just looking at you in this!

  • This is really beautiful! I’ve been hesitant to even look at Sprout because I usually need an FBA, but Victoria is one pattern I’ve made in a straight size… it’s too bad they don’t give a discount if you don’t actually need the pattern, as I already have it!

    • Thank you Katie. Indeed their biggest issue is the limitation on fitting but as I mention there are patterns you could get away like the blazer. I think the knit patterns specially as an fab coyld be taken within the seam allowance. Great idea of a discount for pattern owners, why don’t you propose the idea? You never know. I had made two Victoria Blazers as is before this and can say it’s the same.

  • Great blazer! I’m going to check out Sprout, sounds like a great idea. Hopefully there will be something for plus size sewers.

  • Love the blazer and very Brazillian. Love the idea of having the pattern already printed onto the fabric, but it might take the fun out of designing a unique garment don’t you think?