New Look 6152 .Workroom. Red Cape


Warrior, superhero or fashionista?

Cape or Capa, in portuguese, derived from the Latin cappa, which comes from ex cappa. (Escape). The object that given the nature of it’s own name has always exerted a mysterious and magical appeal. In every society capes played an important role in historical clothing. Not only relevant in contemporary time; heavily embroidery pieces archived at the V&A comes to my mind; but in current fashion. Capes are facing a strong revival thanks to Burberry, Lavin, Vilshenko, Tibi and Temperley. Let’s face it. Capes are the new jackets.

That is because Capes are alluring. How such a simplistic design can be so evocative of drama. THE red cape being the preferred outerwear choice of adventurers. Pick the iconic fairy tale, Cesar, Dracula, Superman or my all time childhood favourite SHE- RA.


In case you are wondering I sewn New Look 6151; Workroom from Project Runway. The pattern is described as relaxed fit cape with drop-shoulders and a notched collar. Size 12. Longest length of pattern sewn as is from the envelope.


Fabric: Super delicious triple crepe* from Minerva. For the lining I used left over fabrics (Polkadot & red). *Allowance from the BN. To avoid scorching crepe when pressing: Use a 100% cotton clean damp tea towel between the iron and your  fabric.

Worn with Papercut Saiph.  Special thanks to my mom-in-law for taking pictures at Gold Hill: Shaftesbury- Dorset during Easter.



  • Wow that cape looks great on you! Chic and casual at the same time.

    • houseofpinheiro

      Thank you.

    • houseofpinheiro

      Thank you Nathalie

  • JB

    I love capes and wear a few crocheted ones. It is interesting to read about the historical and social contexts of the garments you make and I appreciate that you share your research on your blog to make it more than a “look what I made” post.

    • houseofpinheiro

      Thank you.

  • For a long time I thought that capes were just a little too ‘romantic” and not practical enough for me. But then I found Vogue 8674 and now I’m at least willing to consider it, but I’ve never found the perfect fabric. 😉

    Your cape is very definitely “romantic”, and the perfect shade of red. Gorgeous! I’ve never heard of triple crepe before, do you think it will be warm enough for winter? Or more just for fall?

    • houseofpinheiro

      Thank you. I think you need more substance for winter. I have made one cape in mohair wool and it’s very warm. This is more transitional wear : fall – Spring

  • Adoro a capa! Super gorgeous Rachel 🙂


  • You’re looking great in your cape!