Why Blogs voices are more important than ever.


Social media may have changed the way we comment and interact with one another and blog stats may never be hitting sky high numbers as it was back in 2011 but I personally feel blogging continues to be a strong and important voice for creatives.

Firstly, it’s a channel that you own. Not governed by algorithms and marketing strategies of third parties. Your voice will reach your all audience as intended. The key here is “your voice”. Yes, Blogging may feel a bit saturated with 2M blog posts written everyday but what makes the difference is ‘what you got to say’ and ‘how you say it’. Intelligent, funny, weird, mind-boggling… what ever the style; an unique point of view will be appreciated.

It allows you to tell the whole story. Content that matters to you and/or your audience. I personally think every social media plays a different role as a communication vehicle. Instagram, Facebook and twitter make content sharable without the need of spending hours writing a post. It’s a great way to connect with like-mind people on a busy life schedule. A way to share content differently on the same topic.

If you are thinking in launching a blog in 2016 and is not sure if it is worth it. It highly depends what you want to achieve. Social interaction? Virtual diary? Income? In the past we seen blogs changing from diaries to serious channels (with income streams via ad space, product sponsorships and sales of in-house products.) Hits and comments were KPIs. Looking at what is happening to fashion blogs it is noticeable that the financial pull has been migrated to social media. Blogs are returning to what in concept they were when it all started. How the changes from blogs to social media will translate to sewing blogs? I have no idea.

I personally think now is a great time to have a blog.


Blogging is a work of passion and i’m glad to have just reached my 5th year. YAY! I want to continue to share my passion for sewing here on my blog (even in less frequency: OMG how crazy that I blogged almost daily in 2009). I’m actually thinking to publish more ‘posts’ as video format. For me part of the fun in having a blog is have as much experimentation as possible. Can you guys cope with my accent? I hope so. I promise… no singing…. some are hobbies shouldn’t be online. ( laughing)

  • Interesting post, Rachel. It definitely feels like blogging is dying out to an extent, and Instagram is playing a much bigger role in social media for people who sew. But you’re right that blogging can provide an unmediated channel, if that’s what you want it to be, and I think those type of blogs will last the course.

    • indeed. Social media plays a very strong role. I hope to encourage people to keep up on blogging because is so lovely to look at someone evolution.

  • Great post, Rachel! I love you blog and love your ‘voice’, so I’m sure I will love your real voice just as much! I agree wholeheartedly in the importance of having your own space to share your thoughts or pictures or whatever it is you want. Social media is not a guarantee and building a whole community or platform on one social media avenue is not stable. I would encourage people to start a free blog if they are interested, because mine has completely changed my life!

    • Thank you Helen. I love reading blogs and yours inclusive. I’m actually excited to see what the future hold for blogs.

  • Loved this! And I like the idea of you doing video type posts! I just started blogging; mainly because I’m quite isolated (rural) and nobody I know shares my passion so the interaction with others helps but also to create my own record. i really enjoy what you do and look forward to seeing what you go next! X

    • Thank you for your comment Sarah. Must not be easy to not know anyone that sees but so glad that you get the interaction online. Yay for online sewing friends

  • Interesting post. I keep hearing how blogging is dying, but I think it’s the only way that creative types can document and share what they make in a way that’s both useful to others and let’s you share and say exactly what you want.

    • Yes. Like everything in life things change- evolve and it’s always feels like a dramatic effect. It won’t die if we don’t let it .

  • Beth_SunnyGalStudio

    It’s funny how this topic is appearing a lot recently – I guess it is on the mind of many bloggers, myself included. I like to read and the details available in a written blog are what I am looking for when I read sewing blogs. As for video – in general I tend to skip most videos included in a blog post – reading is faster and watching a video seems kind of slow to me – also I may not want to have sound coming out of my laptop or phone at that moment – lots of reasons. Although it would be fun to hear your voice 🙂

    • I understand what you are coming from. As part of my experimentation I don’t think I will substitute video for a written content but actually create it as an ads on. so a different direction. Which mean people can choose when video is not possible.

  • NickyB

    Happy 5th blog birthday! I only started last year and my posts aren’t very regular but I love having somewhere to write about sewing and other things I do, I think of it as a sort of diary to look back at

  • Interesting post! I’ve had a lot a similar thoughts lately, thank you for sharing!

  • GorgeousThings

    I did a blog post recently about Blogs vs Instagram. It does seem to be in the air. I like IG for quickly sharing work-in-progress photos. But when it comes to the “big reveal” I like to do a blog post. For me it’s a way to explain my construction process. You can’t do that with IG. Though IG is handy for reminding me of things I want to point out when I do a longer blog post.

    • Just went back to your post to read your arguments. Indeed so lovely to know that people still care about blogs

  • GorgeousThings

    One point about videos. For me, unless the sound is really good (no echo, mic close to the speaker so you can hear them clearly), I won’t watch them. I’ve seen several bloggers’ videos where the sound was so distracting that I turned them off after a few minutes.

  • Kathryn

    Congrats on your five-year blogiversary!

  • Skirt Fixation

    I love reading blogs, and hope they don’t go away anytime soon. (And not only because I too have a sewing blog!) For all the reasons you said in your post. And because it’s like getting to know someone in person.

    • So great to know that so many of you feel the need to continue with blogging. We will keep it alive and well

  • Carolyn Norman

    I love sewing blogs! I love seeing how something was constructed and reading about the person’s choices. I will be one of the last people to give up this form of communication because I love it so. Thanks for an interesting post.

  • Karen

    You have a unique blog and IG. You inspire and I hope it stays that way. You humanise your blog by gently sharing your life. Thank you K xXx

  • Happy 5th anniversary Rachel! I hope your blog is not going anywhere soon 😉 I love reading blogs and seeing different ideas!

  • idaaidasewing.wordpress.com

    Hi Rachel, I enjoy reading your blog, actually when I first discovered it I went through all your past posts 🙂 I love reading the blogs I follow, when I have time i read them thoroughly and although I don’t comment frequently I always enjoy reading what other’s comment! looking foward to watch your videos, I quite like vlogs as it gives another dimension listening the voice of the person behind the blog and I have no problem with your accent 🙂

    • Ida, you are a very treasured reader and I love when you comment .

  • Loved reading this! Congrats on your fifth year of blogging! I love using the platform to keep track of changes I’ve made to patterns, changes to my personal style, and to keep in touch with like-minded people (not many people around my area sew) across the globe. Also: that cake!!!! Eeee!

    • Thank you for your readership Carlee. Every cake should be a sewing theme cake right?

  • Great post! I love the real time aspect of Instagram where you can share what’s on your mind right now, or even ask opinions when you’re stuck. But for me it can never replace a well written blog post. I love reading about what my sewing pals made, but also why, and how. So congrats on five years of blogging and cheers on many more years to come!

  • Janet

    go for it! Sewing fanatics who share your passion will love it!

  • Velosewer

    Happy 5th blog birthday Rachel.

  • Ala

    So glad to read this! I’m forever reading that blogs are passed it lately which I totally don’t get because I still love logging on and catching up with my favourites, more so than ever! Congrats on 5 years, a great achievement! x

    • Thanks Ala, I cannot believe it’s already been 5 years. Looking back to all I learned and the support gives me more energy to keep going.

  • Karen

    Loved hearing your thoughts on blogging. Seriously, I read sewing blogs every day so please continue!

  • Tomasa

    Congratulations on 5 years of blogging! I enjoy reading about your creations. I have been contemplating why I should continue blogging and you have provided some very good reasons.

  • Happy 5th anniversary Rachel! Love reading your blog 🙂

  • Happy 5th blogging birthday! I agree with you entirely about blogging, I love writing mine, and reading other peoples. Lynne

    • Hi Lynne, thank you. So glad to know you also have major blog love. Let’s keep blogs alive

  • Great you are so enthusiastic about blogging – you have inspired me both as a seamstress and as a newbie blogger (although mind is nearly two years old now). Happy Anniversary! My favourite post of yours was when I read you had taken your sewing machine on holiday with you to Brazil!

    • Thank you for reading and letting me know that I have inspired you. Holiday isn’t the same without a machine isn’t it?

  • Congratulations Rachel! I’d love to see some videos! It’s actually something I’ve been thinking a little bit about recently as I am enjoying the Sew Over It blog so much. Definitely a new interesting direction!

    • I think videos have a lot of personally that sometimes doesn’t come across on writing. You should totally try too.