DIY Denim Dungaree Dress tutorial.


I really love this denim dungaree dress trend. Easy weekend outfit and you can make a DIY version without a sewing pattern pretty quickly. I made this project under an hour. I haven’t intentionally planned to be sharing a ‘tutorial’ but since posting the finished article you guys enquired for more information. Here is short illustration of what I done but I’m assuming you have some sewing knowledge since not all steps are illustrated. Please remember to press as you sew.


Measurements you need: High Bust, Bust, waist and hip. Shoulder to high bust.Desired finished hem. A measurement between the bust and waist where you wish your bib transition to the skirt.


On a piece of pattern pattern draw a margin vertically. That will be your fold line. Plot your quarter measurements ( your measurements divided by 4) and how long your pattern needs to be. Once you decided how wide the bib will be create the pattern by connecting those measurements using a french curve. My bib starts at the high bust. Don’t forget to add your desired ease and seam allowances ( side seam, top of the dungarees and hem).

The pattern piece is cut twice on fold for front and back. Use your shoulder to high bust measurement to cut your straps with your desired width.

Estimate your fabric metrage (yardage) by planing the lay plan after creating the pattern pieces.

Workroom tip: If you draft a lot of patterns or like copying your clothes My advice is to create a reusable layout planner. Tape enough paper or use a double old bed sheet. Draw vertical lines to indicate the layout widths you use on most fabrics. Reference: 90 cm (35-36″), 115 cm (44-45″)and 150 cm (58-60″). Just make sure you use different colour sharpies and label it.


Add your own twist to this pattern by adding a zipper on your top pocket, adding side patch pockets, creating a waist seam or using buttonholes instead of claps. Instead of cutting on fold why not create a centre felt seam. Just remember to add extra SA.



DIYdungareedenim Finish your arm and bib seams from both pattern pieces.DIYdungareedenim2Sew your patch pocket or other decorative design feature.DIYdungareedenim3

With chalk mark the folding line of you bib front and back.  Fold on the line right sides together. On the wrong side sew the seam allowance and trim as shown.DIYdungareedenim4


Fold it and press the armhole seam in place. Create your straps. Fold the pieces in half lengthways right sides together and sew all along the length. Turn the whole thing inside out and topstitch.DIYdungareedenim6

On the back piece: Position your straps under the bib hem fold and secure it. *Please note the straps needed to be closer to the ends not as spread as shown on the pictures.DIYdungareedenim7Sew your ‘armhole hems’.
DIYdungareedenim8Secure the strap with extra stitching.


Pin your side seams. To give your dress an authentic look sew a flat felled seam.



Now you need to neaten your strap ends to add a clasp & denim button.

dungareee dunga

Hem. Ta dah