Everyday Blouse



Sometimes two great opportunities knock at your door at the same time. Not long ago I had the immense pleasure of introducing my pattern collaboration with fashion-oriented pattern company Style Arc: Eliane Jumpsuit.


Today the project I have to share is a little different. Have you guys heard of UpCraftclub? UpCraft Club is the first modern sewing association for people who especially love using digital patterns. They are very entrepreneurial in their ideas. Did you know a brick and mortar shop could sell digital patterns? Now they have come up with a dream service for creatives entrepreneurs willing to transform their dreams in reality with a custom pattern service. Or even support small & already stabilised companies as It can be very difficult to be everything within your pattern company. I feel so blessed to be invited to be the first to use their design service. I will be openly talking about the whole process over my Facebook page (live). From my inspiration to how the service works etc. I haven’t been asked to promote this service but I really enjoyed seeing my technical requirements (together with my initial drawing of pattern) into a fully tested and well- drafted pattern.




Now to the pattern. The Everyday Blouse is a basic but not boring top with slight gathering on the shoulders, bust and sleeve darts, 3/4 sleeves and a side exposed zipper. The design elements not only focus on giving you a strong staple sewing pattern but being thought for style and comfort. The fit isn’t loose or too tight. It skims over all the right places to give shape but at the same time is very forgiving. Something that is easy to make while still exercise your skills. You will like how tidy is inside too.





Housekeeping questions.

 ( You can buy it here)

Would I be running a sew-along or a blog tour? I won’t be hosting a sew-along on the traditional format. I can make a video on how to sew the elastic on the shoulders and the exposed zipper in the near future. I am currently working on the Eliane Jumpsuit sew-along. About a blog tour? I personally love to be able to see as many versions of a new sewing pattern as possible but I understand the blog tour format is a bit tired. Do you guys feel the same?

 Do you want to make the blouse and share your honest views on my blog? I’m looking to gift 3 loyal readers with the Everyday Blouse. Let me know using the blog comment sections till August 15. * closed and winners announced.You don’t need to own a blog or have amazing pictures skills but be willing to share your make here. Sound like a plan?

  • Emma Prestidge

    I would love to make your lovely top. I love the yoke and the side zipper.

  • I really love the simplicity of this top. It looks like a real wardrobe staple – something I’d reach for day after day! I’d love the opportunity to share what I make too 🙂

  • I’d love to try this pattern, Rachel- that elastic at the neckline looks really unique!

  • I”d love to try your pattern, if only to understand why elastic is needed at the neckline. I really like the exposed zip at the side.

  • Mylene

    I have started sewing my own clothes since late last year and I love to challenge myself! This pattern looks really unique (love the neckline) and I would definitely love to have a chance to make it and give my feedback on it! Thank you!

  • Celine KHoo

    I can’t wait to sew up this gorgeous pattern.. Especially love the zip detail!!

  • I would LOVE that blouse pattern! I have been searching for the perfect everyday blouse pattern to whip up in every color and this just might be it! I blog over at The Library of Alexandra and am a Cali Fabrics blog contributor.

  • nuchami

    I’m a bit scared bc I’m not too experienced but I love this top.

    • Hello Nuchami. This is a beginner friendly pattern so don’t worry. Good luck

  • HW

    Yes please! I would love to try this wonderful pattern!!

  • yes yes yes I would love to sew this up! It looks like the shape would work really well for me 🙂

  • Kristin Wilson

    Yes please! I would love to try your pattern. I have some blue floral I bought in Japan that I would love to use. (@pegandlorna)

  • Camelia de Bruin

    So nice! I will also love to sew this . Very nice details . I like the there is also a very neat inside finish.

    • Hi sweetie, good luck! Ps. I would like to also share your versions of the Eliane jumpsuit

      • Camelia de Bruin

        Thank you Rachel! You can do it , no problem. Thank you again for that great design, getting compliments every time I wear them. Xx

  • Sara

    I would love to sew this pattern. I am eight months post partum and nothing fits me anymore.. (sara_hoste@hotmail.com)

  • Sew Little Time

    ooh it’s so pretty. congratulations rachel!

  • Cathy N

    I’d love to sew it up! I’m launching a sewing blog in September so could do a post. Btw, I’m also completely addicted to making jumpsuits. Have made three in the last few weeks and would like to consider selling the patterns so will look into UpCraftClub. Thanks for the tip!

  • Serena Cipolletti

    The blouse looks like the perfect not too formal garment for the office, and I would like to sew One…

  • Helen Kolita

    Comfort, forgiving and style – sounds perfect and like my kind of top!! Looks lovely Rachel!

  • Maria Navarro

    Hi, I love your patterns and I’m willing to sew you new one!!! Thanks for the giveaway! Maria Navarro

  • Anne

    Lovely unique design. I purchased the patten yesterday and would be happy to share a review on your blog once I’ve sewed it up!

    • Exciting!!!! Anne that would be fab! be sure to send me the info when you are ready.Im planing to share the versions about a month after people receive their patterns

      • Sounds good, that’s lots of time. I’ll likely sew it up this weekend since this pattern needs to be on my body asap! I’ll try to do write up and photos next week.

  • Lisa Westra

    That blouse is the unicorn of top patterns for me. I’ve been on the hunt for a simple pattern that will support wovens, isn’t too boxy and does not need buttons. Really love the looks of this pattern and the extra shoulder details really make it look more interesting. Love your fabric choice too!

    • you will be glad to know that you can wear it without adding the zipper too

  • If it is suitable for a beginner, count me in 🙂


    • hi Catia, yes this is very beginner friendly. Even the elastic placement has pattern piece to make it user friendly. good luck

  • I completely agree with Lisa! It’s hard to find patterns for woven tops that aren’t boxy or buttony – your blouse is delightful and I’m sure will be very popular in no time. I’ve been on a blouse making kick over the past couple of months realizing I didn’t own a single one for all the reasons I mentioned.

    • Hi Kathleen, So glad to hear it. I really appreciate everyone of you that comes to visit on my internet home. good luck

  • Piper Springs

    Yes, please! Add me into the giveaway pool. This top is fabulous, especially the unique zipper detail.

  • The blouse looks great! Please add me to the raffle pool. I especially love the zipper detail. I’d personally rather see a sew along or a tutorial with modifications to the pattern rather than a blog tour.

  • I’d love to be a part of this!! I’ve been seeing the top pop up on instagram and admiring all the clever details like the elastic at the shoulders and the exposed zipper.

  • lauren

    I would love to try this blouse! It’s perfect for fall and I LOVE the side zipper. I have two fabrics in mind that I think would look awesome. Beautiful work!

  • This seems like the perfect blouse for me! I usually prefer knit tops due to range of movement, but this one seems like it would be a woven compromise with the elastic shoulders and the loose fit. Very pretty design! I’d love to get to make it up 🙂

  • Adriene

    So beautiful! I would love to sew one of these! After seeing yours and the one Sara Project made I know this would become a staple in my wardrobe 🙂

  • Doctora Botones

    Wow!! What a chance!! I know there are too many people that will want your gorgeous pattern, me too. I love it since I’ve seen it. I can asure you that if I have it I’ll do really nice pictures with it in a beauty place and I’ll do a nice post in my blog for you. See you soon! (Or I hope so! ;o))

  • Helena

    Yes please, I love exposed zips!

  • hh

    I’d love a chance to make and share this!

  • Archie The Wonder Dog

    I love this top, it looks like the sort of thing I’d make in different colours and wear constantly. I’m adding it to my ever-growing list of things to make.

  • Αντωνία Σπηλιάκου

    Would you please add me to the giveaway pool? I’d love to make this. It would be beautiful in a wine silk charmeuse, which I already have in my stash:)


  • Tiffany Brusacoram Hering

    I would love to try this out! I have been looking at it all day, and love the look of it. Please pick me!

  • Clair

    Oh – yes please! I would love to share it here & I can see me making one in every colour possible!

  • Emychka Ivanovna

    Ooh! I’d love to win. I’m going back to work in September (teacher!) and I was looking at my wardrobe today and panicking about how I don’t seem to have any tops. Could do with whipping up a couple of these beauties… and of course I’d love to share the pictures. 🙂

  • I love the gathers on the neckline – such a lovely detail. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • I would love to make and review this! It looks perfect for work or casual 🙂

  • I’d like to make and share. Please add me to the giveaway.

  • Jessica Malcolm

    Add me too please!! I love that it’s fitted slightly and doesn’t have buttons and collar!! Ive been looking for a pattern just like this one 🙂 id love to share what I make too

  • I like the design – and I need more tops! I did win your Mood Fabrics giveaway so it seems a bit greedy to ask to be entered in another giveaway. I think I’ll just buy it while it’s on sale on the UpCraft Club. 🙂

  • Fadanista

    I would love to try this as the style is gorgeous ! Spring is on its way and this would be the perfect top to kick off my makes.

  • Jenny

    I would love to try this pattern, I really admire your creativity and skills. This looks like it would be the perfect top for work and casual wear!

  • Kay

    This top is amazing and would be perfect for work! Please let me test for you!

  • Jessica

    I don’t have my own blog, but I would be happy to share my version of this top on yours 🙂

  • Hi Rachel, I’m always looking for the perfect top pattern, I haven’t found it yet so would be very happy to try this and see if it fits the bill 🙂

  • Congratulations on your pattern. its quite perfect as I think a lot of sew-ers (or is that just me) want an everyday top, with enough detailing to make it look crafted, but casual enough to be a wardrobe staple. The size zip is genius – really sets it apart.

  • What a clever service to offer seamstresses that want to design! Would love to give it a go – most of the versions I’ve seen have been in a patterned fabric, it’d be great to see how those gathers and other details look in a solid. Nice one!

  • Loove the blouse! It looks very simple at first but when you take a better glancr you see all the pretty details! Loove your style as alwayd Rachel.
    And of course I would love to make it ;).

    Xcocolienx /Lien

  • Hi! The blouse looks fab! I’d love to give it a try and share it so please add me to the giveaway. As always looking forwards to what you come up with next, Always an inspiration. Fiona.

  • Vicki

    How exciting. Lovely blouse. Count me in!

  • Kate

    I’ve got some geometric-print cotton lawn that has been waiting for a great blouse pattern – I’d love to try out the Everyday Blouse

  • Sam

    I’d love to make this Rachel, I’ve been looking for a simple but not boring blouse pattern and this looks perfect.

  • Cat G

    I would love to make the blouse!! I have only seen pics of it on smaller sizes, so I would love to provide some feedback from the other side of the size spectrum!!

  • Claire

    Hi Rachel, I would love to make your blouse it looks fabulous, I love the zip feature. What an exciting project with up craft club.

  • Boudica Andred

    Ooh, I was just looking at this pattern! Really love the shoulder detail, which makes it so feminine. Don’t have a blog but I would love to sew it up and share. I’m an XL and an advanced beginner/intermediate sewist.

  • Melissa Q

    I am falling in love with this blouse. I have seen so many amazing version all over the internet. You are burning up the wires with this one!

  • Jenna O

    The blouse looks amazing and I would really love to try it on me!: )

  • I would love to try the pattern. I am in need of new tops for work!

  • Kathy E.

    This is exactly the type of top I love to wear. I’d be up for trying the pattern and sharing my opinions and photos!

  • Brooke Smith

    I would absolutely love to try out this pattern! It’s a great style that I would most definitely wear, and as a bonus I do have a blog and can take great photos haha!
    Thanks for the opportunity 😊✌️

  • Rhiannon

    I would love to try the pattern!

  • Hillary

    Yes, I’d be happy to, this blouse looks like the perfect pattern for the drapey fabrics in my stash!

  • I love the style of this blouse, and I cant resist an exposed zip! I would love to try it out and share my thoughts. H.

  • Melanie

    I love the style of this blouse, its the perfect wardrobe staple that’s not boring in the slightest. I’d love to try it and share my thoughts with you.

  • Just bought this pattern today, very excited to sew it up! Assuming it goes well I’d love to participate in some sort of blog link up/tour.

    • yay, let me know when you have it. I will give the winners about a month to get sewing.

  • Thank you so much for all the participants. I will draw the winners on random.org. I have a little threat for you too. Winners will get a voucher for suppliers.

  • Sally Kendall

    Oh no I’ve missed it!

  • looks so good! You guys have one of the best sewing community ever – so supporting … you are so lucky I only wish Italy was te same …

  • So many exciting things happening for you!!