Free Online Dressmaking Patterns


Sorbetto  or Madeleine by Colette.

Plantain by Deer & Doe. 

Blouse Bianca by Make my lemonade ( *Correct at the time of publish but this pattern isn’t available free anymore.)

Lindy Petal Skirt by Itch to Stitch

Veronica Skirt by Megan Nielsen

République du Chiffon: Ludivine  and Caroline

 Polly Top by By Hand London

Hemlock Tee by Grainline Studio

Burda Style free patterns

Ralph Pink:Carmen dress, Debra Playsuit, Helena Culottes and more

Tate Top byWorkroom Social

 Sonja and Olsen Dress by Salme Pattern

Aline skirt by  See Kate Sew

The Tee by Cake Pattern

The Necktie Top by Cutting Floor

Garden Party Dress Pattern by Honigdesign

Peppermint magazine sewing school

Miasu Patterns

Brasilia dress by me

Cloth Habit Ladyshorts Underwear Pattern

Madalynne Amerson undies, Sierra wrap around bra, mallory lane bralette and noel halter bra+ panty 

  • Myra

    Thanks! That’s very nice of you to research all of these and share!

    • happy to share. I really want to encourage people to sew more and i know patterns can be expensive so its lovely so many companies do present some free patterns.

  • Blogless Anna
  • Ann Watts

    Thanks for this list Rachel! Had a few of these already but will be adding some to my collection

  • thanks very much…. had not come across the bianca and am trying to find new patterns to try out for some new tops, love the look of it! (hopefully will love the sew of it!)

    • happy sewing. Ps. I have a blouse pattern coming up on monday. Stay tune

  • Jennifer R

    Thanks for collecting all these in one place, great that so many companies have a free pattern to try out their fit.

    Watch out, everyone, just today on pinterest I saw a link marked “free pattern pdf download” that redirected to a spam site. I didn’t know these sites knew to target sewers but, guess it shouldn’t be a surprise. And actually it was a double bait because I recognized the line drawing and only looked twice because I wondered who was stealing Ottobre patterns, very tricky!

  • I agree with Jennifer that you have to be careful of the word “free” 🙂 Always best to download from a trusted pattern maker like you’ve listed above – thank you! Helpful post!

  • Melissa

    Hello Rachel thank you for this amazing list!!! This is great for a new sewist like me!!! I can’t seem to find the pattern for bianca, is there a trick where I should be looking?

  • Rachel

    It’s in French the link -here direct link for you

    • sorry the link for the pattern was working when i posted it. As Francesca mention they just recently created a net fix of patterns removing this as free.

  • Francesca Amodeo

    make Lemonade’s PDF patterns are no longer free. You get then with a monthly fee.

    Love your blouse pattern, so original – and, yes for elbow darts – just bought it:)