SewPhotoHop is back.


#sewphotohop is back September 1st.🎈YAY🎈  That’s tomorrow so get your Instagram ready!

What is Sewphotohop? It’s a community challenge that aims to connect and inspire people with similar interests;particularly sewing.

Anyone is welcome to take part. You don’t need to post daily or selfies. Join me on this creative daily photo challenge over Instagram. I will be posting daily reminders with the themes in English, French and Portuguese.

👉🏼how to play: Take a picture inspired by the daily prompt (theme) tagging hashtag SEWPHOTOHOP. It’s ok to use pictures you have taken in advance as I know life can get a bit busy.

On days with * there is a prize that can be won by any of the participants worldwide. The sponsor of that day will be responsible to pick their favourite picture and announce the winner after 48hs on their feed. 📸 Don’t forget to tag the sponsor so they can see your picture.  Sponsors are noted next to their daily theme.

It’s really good fun so I hope to see you guys there.

Themes in French. Translated by Jade. Merci!

1. Salut
2. Technique favorite
3. Projet de rêve
4. Look personnel
5. Uni ou à motifs ?
6. Le kit des indispensables
7. Fait de chutes
8. Fait pour quelqu’un d’autre
9. Oups (ce qui a mal tourné)
10. Mini ou Maxi ?
11. Outil préféré
12. Trucs et astuces
13. Changeons la donne
14. Garde-robe
15. Coin couture
16. Liste de souhaits
17. Boutons ou fermeture éclair ?
18. Jersey ou chaîne et trame ?
19. Bibliothèque Couture
20. De Saison
21. Le patron de toutes les situations
22. Texture
23. Inspiration
24. Une ou deux pièces ?
25. Années-mode préférées
26. En gros plan
27. D’autres passions
28. Waouh
29. Astuces de rangement
30. Et après ?

Themes in Spanish. Translated by Diana. Gracias!

1. Hola
2. Habilidad preferida
3. Proyecto de tus sueños
4. Uniforme / Seña de identidad
5. Estampado o sólido
6. Equipo esencial
7. Domando el alijo (I am not submerged enough in the Spanish sewing scene to know if there is an specific term here, sorry)
8. Hecho para otra persona
9. Fracaso
10. Mini o maxi
11. Herramienta favorita
12. Trucos y técnicas
13. Cambiador del juego (I have my doubts here, sounds weird, but I can’t think of what we’d use in Spanish)
14. Vestuario
15. Espacio de costura
16. Lista de deseos
17. Cremalleras o botones
18. Punto o tejido
19. Bioblioteca de costura
20. De temporada
21. Patrones de confianza
22. Textura
23. Inspiración
24. Una pieza o separados
25. Época favorita
26. De cerca
27. Otros intereses
28. Ala
29. Trucos para almacenaje
30. ¿Lo siguiente?
  • Yay!

    I’ll go on vacation soon, but will follow along while possible. Maybe not daily as life can get *really* busy as you enter the last year of your PhD and try to blog and sew next to it XD Thanks for hosting Rachel 🙂


    Hi Rachel,
    thanks for hosting this great challenge. This is my first time attenting the sewPhotoHop. I have a question regarding day 7 “Stash Busters” – what does this mean? I translated this in German, which seems to be something like “store
    fellow” – which doesn´t makes sense to me.
    Regards, Muriel

    • Hi Muriel. It means projects that you make to use your fabric stash over and over. Sometimes can be a tried and tested pattern or a pattern that you made multiple times

      • Muriel.Nahtzugabe5cm

        Hi Rachel,
        thanks, this makes much more sense then the “store fellow”. 🙂