Everyday Blouse: Your Makes.

The Everyday Blouse modern and flattering design looks so good on every body shape. Don’t take my word for it. You can see it for yourself. Today 3 House of Pinheiro reader’s will share their experience sewing the everyday blouse.  *You can purchase your copy here.*
Enamoured with my Everyday Blouse- Anemone {Blog}

I’m pleased as punch right now.  I have a new blouse with sleeves.  Woven sleeves!  If you could have peeked into my closet prior to this you would have found only one woven sleeved garment.  A  lone oversized men’s button up that I wear to hide my arms from sunburn doing yard work. I’ve never seen a pattern quite like this.  The little gathered elastic casing section at the neckline is so easy to add and looks amazing.  I love how a such a simple technique like this combined with the exposed zip takes the top from ordinary to unique. Also, elbow darts! “Umm, what the heck is up with that?” is what I was thinking when I first saw them.  Then I saw the shaping when I put on the top!  The sleeve curves so nicely with the natural hang of my arm.  Beautiful.

The fit of this blouse came out very nicely.  I had a brief moment of thinking it was too small the first time getting it on/off but once it’s on I love the minimal amount of ease and I wouldn’t change the size next time.  It has an all in one facings too so the neckline is perfect and the facings don’t flip out or bunch up.I knew before starting that I would likely need to adjust the sleeve width so I looked up a few tutorials on this adjustment and ended up following this tutorial but widening all the way down.  I measured at different points on my arm and compared to the finished bicep measurement stated in the pattern.  I love when a pattern has detailed final garment measurements like the bicep width, neck to hem length and sleeve length this one included!  I also measured the lower arm on the pattern piece and with that decided to add 1″ of additional width all the way down.  Now having worn my blouse a couple of times I think next time I may add another 1/4-1/2 an inch sleeve width.  No wonder RTW sleeves don’t work for me! I did my standard adjustments for my 5’2″ short torso, shortening the bodice and sleeves by 1″ using the provided lengthen/shorten lines.  After that was sorted out, it was time to decide if I needed to make a full bust adjustment.  Nowadays I’m a D cup and trying to sneak by without an FBA just doesn’t work anymore.  The pattern did not state the cup size designed for, bummer, so I just assumed it was B cup since that’s the norm for most patterns.  I made a FBA of 1″ to go from a B to a D cup and this seems to have worked very nicely so I  think guessed right.

This blouse was a straightforward sew other than the zipper (being it was a new to me technique).  The pattern is rated as advanced beginner.  I thought the steps for setting in the sleeve and adding the zipper could have used a bit more detail for this level.  The pattern instructions are complete but fairly concise at 4 pages long  with 24 illustrations for the 32 steps.  Not that you should let this deter you if you are a beginner and haven’t tried these techniques though.  We live in the age of the internet with zillions of tutorials for everything and this is a well drafted pattern with unique details that are worth the extra research. Now that I’ve discovered the adjustments I need are so easy, I suspect this won’t be my last woven blouse with sleeves!

This top is going to become a staple in my wardrobe – Archie the wonder dog {Blog}*


Once I’d sorted the printing and taping, I made my Everyday Blouse in about a week, doing a little bit here and a little bit there.  This was the first time I’d used a pdf pattern and I discovered my printer doesn’t print all the way to the edge of the page, so the pages didn’t look like they were supposed to. It didn’t affect how I taped the pattern together, it just meant I had an 1/8″ gap between the lines which was easily fixed and hasn’t put me off using pdf patterns in the future.  I love the live links in the instructions to tutorials in case you need more help, and the layering tool on the pdf pattern (so you only print out the size you want) is a revelation – what a great idea!

The pattern instructions are very clear and succinct, and the blouse goes together easily. I also like the abbreviated instructions on the final page for either more experienced sewers or those making the pattern again. I’ve never inserted an exposed zip and had a little difficulty working out how to finish the ends of the zip tape inside the blouse, but, with a bit of thinking, I sorted it and am pleased with how it sits.  I made the blouse straight from the pattern with no adjustments (apart from tapering the seam allowance on the sleeve from below the elbow dart to the hem to give me a bit more room) and I’m very pleased with it. It has received many compliments and the elastic detail on the neck and exposed zip were popular features.
I have already bought fabric for my next version of this blouse.  As I’m tall with a long back, I need to make some adjustments to get the fit right, but this is usual for me.  As it is, my first version is very wearable and, I think, a flattering shape, and I want to make one in a plain/less busy fabric so the neck detail can become more of a feature. This top is going to become a staple in my wardrobe and I’m already considering a sleeveless/cap sleeve version for next summer! * Received free copy of Pattern and fabric voucher: Blog giveaway winner.
I really enjoyed sewing up the Everyday Blouse- Ivory Pomegranate
I really enjoyed sewing up the Everyday Blouse and I’m so pleased with the outcome. I used the Daisy Print Cotton Poplin from Abakhan’s Autumn/Winter collection and it worked so well. I rate myself as an ‘ambitious beginner’ for sewing skills, but I had a pretty easy time with the construction of the blouse. The instructions were clear, and besides for a one or two silly mistakes (always read the instructions carefully!), I didn’t have any trouble. After consulting the finished measurements, I sewed a size medium with no alterations and I’m really happy with the fit. The blouse is an easy shape, but the details made it more interesting to sew.
My favorite parts are the elbow darts and the elastic on the neckline, I feel like they contribute to a more flattering fit that’s a bit beyond ordinary. I’m pretty happy with my zipper, although now a proper zipper foot is on my list to buy! I was happy to finish my blouse just in time to wear it on a trip to London and Lille, where it looked great and held up well even after a long day of traveling. Thanks again to Rachel and Upcraftclub for the great pattern!* Received free copy of Pattern and fabric voucher: Blog giveaway winner.
 “Costura Katia, Costura”katia
If you can read Portuguese, Katia from “Costura Katia, Costura” wrote a lovely blog post about her version.
Thank you for your honest review ladies. Your blouses are beautiful. Based on your feedback on the instructions, after the Eliane Jumpsuit Sew Along, I will write a tutorial for the exposed zipper with loads of pictures.
  • I love seeing everyone’s different takes on patterns, thanks for sharing yours Rachel!

  • Archie The Wonder Dog

    It was a pleasure; thank you for the opportunity!

  • Thanks Rachel! It’s an honour to be included and I love seeing everyone’s versions!

  • Sarah Turnbull

    Just out of interest, what cup size is the pattern drafted for? I love the style!

    • Hi Sarah, The blouse been drafted by UPcraft Club. Its standard B but since is loose shape unless your bust difference is very different from your cup you should be ok.