Summer Kielo Dress


For my second version of the Kielo wrap dress I wanted to address all the elements I wasn’t happy with my winter version. The first issue I had was where the ties wrap on the body, aka the waist. The side wings start under the bust and I felt it looked a bit on the maternity side (on me). The reason this dress is so loved by people is because it enhance or create a small waist.  I wanted a more ‘relaxed’ dress so I lowered the ties by 5 cm. That small change made the dress really fun to play around shapes. I can wrap around my body in so many ways. I been having so much fun creating many different style with just one dress. While I may not have liked my first version, I love this one.



The weight of the fabric on my winter version was too warm and thick. I also disagreed with the polkadot print. This time I picked this beautiful soft jersey from Stoff & Still. Perfect drape and it’s super soft. The print is gorgeous. YAY!



The neckline and hems were stabilised with knit stay tape before using the twin needles. The shoulders been stabilised with elastic. Transparent elastic is generally best but I don’t like waste. I will use any left over elastic I have.


  • Iris

    Thank you! I have my pattern and fabric all ready. This is helpful. Beautiful dress.

  • Gilly

    Hi Rachel – beautiful dress as usual! Slightly off topic – you mention in an earlier post taking your sewing machine to Brazil. I am wanting to take my machine with me and am thinking of taking it as my hand baggage in its trolley bag. I am wondering if you had any problems with the security checks at the airport ??

    • Hi Gilly. I had issues when i tried to dispatch as luggage but no issue when caring on hand luggage. Make sure its secured well with all the detachable parts closed with tape.

      • Gilly

        Thanks Rachel. That’s put my mind at rest! Really didn’t want to put it in the hold! BTW – think your blog is amazing!

  • It’s very interesting – now that you point it out, and looking back to my own Kielo – the proportions on the pattern are unexpected. The ties hit me at my natural waist without any alterations in the shoulder – waist area, even though I’m 8cm shorter than they design. In fact, comparing this pattern length wise with my block, for me the extra fabric is all below the waist: I removed the 8cm from the hip line when I made mine!

    I do like the look of this version, it really looks good on you!

  • This is lovely and thanks for the tip about the height of the ties. I think I might try your method. Also, I read blogs in Feedly and your posts have started opening directly into your blog, rather than on the Feedly page like all the other blogs. It’s pretty cool, did you do that on purpose?

  • Tomasa

    Beautiful dress. It looks great on you and I love the print.