Cold shoulder dress (Style 4067)





Old sewing patterns can be easily used to sew current trends. After all, fashion comes and goes. I felt in love with the cold shoulders option of this 70’s Style pattern.  However I am sad to say this is was one of my least successful projects on the year. The fabric choice was poor. The gingham fabric quality was terrible. One thing about fabric is that quality reflects quality.  Bad fabrics not only make the final garment look cheap but sews really badly. There wasn’t enough good pressing that save it.

style4067The pattern fitted without alterations or closures. Going over my head and all I have to do is belted in place. I really haven’t worn it since I made it. I still love my choice of print combination. The floral and gingham look great together. Even tho the fit isn’t perfect the shoulder detail is really pretty. It was worth sewing this project to check if the style would suit me.

This project reminded me that not every garment will be successful. What is important is that not let it shake your confidence in your own skills. Sewing is a long journey full of valleys and mountains. Fabric & Fit are key to success but sewing the basics well is as important. Skipping instincts like fabric quality for a quick sew isn’t a quick win. Now, back to the sewing room with enthusiasm, girl!

  • What a gem of a pattern – the shoulders are really cute!
    I’m with you on poor quality fabrics – just not worth the hassle!

  • Deb Cameron

    Love the shoulders and the fabric patterns together 😍

  • cawmags

    What a shame, in the photos it looks great. Love the shoulders you should definitely make another.

  • gorgeous, your fabric choice updates it wonderfully (recently I had been trying to track down a similar pattern I made in the 90s – Style 1998 – as I was toying with making it again)

  • Love it, I think it suits you fabulously. I’m going to hunt down this pattern!

  • This style looks lovely on you! As for fabric quality … I try to adhere to the rule of buying the best quality that I can afford. (not necessarily always) It’s too much of a heartbreak to put so much work into something, and then have it look bad because the fabric is the culprit.

  • Myra

    I agree, I think it’s gorgeous on you! I love the detail of the shoulders and the match of the floral with the gingham was ingenious!! I am sorry how you feel about the gingham fabric, that’s too bad…but it is very pretty!

  • Love your modern twist on this old pattern! Really like the fabric combo too. As for the poor quality fabric thing, I feel your pain! I’m part way through a gingham skirt and the fabric is awful. I ordered it online years ago and was really disappointed when it arrived. I’m sick of staring at it so cut into it at the weekend. It’s so resistant to being pressed that I wasn’t going to bother finishing it but you’ve inspired me to persevere!

  • Great fabric choices = great dress.