Fun things to do in NYC

I had a lovely break in NYC with my family. I wanted to share a few fun places to visit if you have a chance and of course share some more pictures of the meet ups I had while away. I was lucky that so many talented makers where in NY for camp workroom social. All pictures were taken with my phone. They don’t disappoint but sometimes I feel a better camera would be best. Do you still take your camera on Holiday? I’m looking for suggestions. Here are my list of fun things to do:


Pick Apples at Apple Daves Orchard



Visit Storm King


Go fabric shopping


Mood, B&J, Purl Soho, Metro Fabrics and many more on the Garment District.

Meet friends


freinds2 At Mccall’s, Garment district and Workroom social.

  • Bianca

    Hi Rachel, I recommend the Sony Alpha 5100. It’s brilliant has 23 Megapixels and WiFi!!! You can send all your pictures to your phone using their PayMemories App and upload it to your Cloud or Instagram. The pictures really are amazing. Also You can get an adapter for different lenses and therefore can use any lense from any company =D Ps: it also comes in white, if you think black is too boring! xx Bianca

    • houseofpinheiro

      Thanks for suggestion

  • Hi Rachel,
    I’m new to Disqus so hopefully I’m not double-commenting! I have both the Canon Rebel t3i and the Olympus OM-D e-m10. They’re both crop-body DSLR, but I have to say I hands-down recommend the Olympus, especially for traveling. The Olympus is really responsive, it’s much more compact, it’s got a neat retro-esque look to it, it has a touch screen for focus and menu, and is wifi-enabled so you can set your phone up as both a remote and a live-screen. The body is the same price as the Rebel on amazon (~$500) so it’s not such a bad price either.
    I’m also pretty impressed with the photo quality! I’m in the beginning stages of setting up a sewing/slow-fashion blog, and most, if not all, my pictures will be taken with the Olympus. If you’re interested in seeing the image quality, I’d be happy to let you know when I have photos up.
    Cheers! Saki

    • thank you so much for this feedback Saki. I will report back after all my research.

  • Megan Carter

    Hi Rachel, did you make the yellow coat your wearing? If so, what pattern did you use and where did you source that lovely bright yellow wool? Thanks!

    • It’s a new pattern from Lisette. Its their sample. I was invited to look at the new launches. more info soon.

  • Chloe

    I love Mood Fabrics so much!! But the store gets to crowded for me sometimes. However, their website is awesome and I noticed that it has some really cool stuff that the store doesn’t have!