Pattern Cutting weekend at Ray-stitch

tolieLast weekend I spend two days at Ray-stitch on their pattern making workshop. The workshop aims to create a personalised dress block. On the first day we spend the morning getting our measurements. rausytich3raystitchThis course use a method called E Telestia. This method uses a guide workbook and a set of specially made rulers which makes the whole process really quick and simple. Like connect-the-dots. This is not an unique pattern making methodology but efficient for short classes. One that doesn’t depends on any previous pattern making knowledge.



Of course, like every pattern making method the block isn’t going to come out 100% perfect. To fine tune the pattern we spend the afternoon sewing a muslin version. I am wearing clothes underneath mine but you can see how it fits straight as. It was too long. It uses an overall bodice length of front and back together. My back is 5 cm shorter than my front. The block has a seam that cross the apex and finish at the shoulder. The skirt part of the dress is slightly A-line shape. Then you can just move the darts around to manipulate the shape you want.toileThe classroom space is really pleasant and we had a delicious lunch included on both days.


Together with loads of hot drinks and cake complimentary. cakesewing

All the staff are really helpful and warm. I enjoyed my  class breaks to shop some lovely haberdashery I will share with you later. Who can resist a well stock sewing shop? Not me. Ray-stitch is a beautiful shop, well worth a visit.


The second day was more like a show and tell in the morning. The afternoon focused on block manipulation where we use half-scale muslin-cut block of front bodice. We didn’t work on our paper blocks directly but we were encouraged to ask any questions on how to achieve a certain style. Inclusive we were asked to bring ideas to the classroom. One of the students brought some beautiful vintage booklets.


Overall the course was fun. I felt the syllabus could be taught within a day instead of two. This course isn’t going to give you pattern making skills to create a new block by yourself. What it will give you is a nice fitting block than you can manipulate it further and some inspiration on what you can do with your block.


*disclaimer: I was invited to take this class free of charge. All opinions are my own.

  • Is this system that you used similar to Lutterloh? I don’t think I’ve ever heard of it before.

    • houseofpinheiro

      I never heard of the method you mentioned above so I cannot answer your question

      • Lutterloh is a system of patternmaking that has you plot out your pattern from a small scale diagram and your own measurements. It was invented in Germany back in the 1930’s. I’ll give you a link, just in case you’re interested in having a look.
        I have never used this system, but I am intrigued – as I am intrigued by everything to do with sewing. Unfortunately, there is just not enough time to play around with all the toys!

        • The Creative Curator

          Hi Irene.. Thanks for sharing this link. I am an avid pattern making girl and had never heard of Lutterloh’s Golden rule! This will be great reading for this chilly Sunday morning! 🙂