Tyyni Cigarette Trousers by Named




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Taking over a few months to blog my finished garments seems to be the norm lately. The delay from sewing to blogging is taking it’s toll on my memory. When I finally get my pictures ready I don’t have much to say. Does anyone write blog posts drafts as soon as they finish something?

Today I’m here to share my version of named Tyyni Cigarette Trousers.  One of their newest patterns from the Evolution Collection. The trousers pattern is high-waisted with midi-length straight-leg pants. The pockets are really cleverly positioned and you can add cute side leg vents.



I sewn my usual named size 38 and lengthen the leg pieces by 3 cm from the knee line. I love this trousers. I feel that the front crotch should be slightly shorten for next version. Looking at the model pattern shoots they have the same excess. Fabric is from cloth house. This denim is delicious and with the right percentage of stretch required by the pattern but it GROWS.  I mean… a lot! I need to keep pulling them up. I could remove about 4 cm around the waist.



Strangely, the fabric growing issues are making this pair of trouser so extra comfortable that I been wearing them all the time. Who cares it’s on the loose side. The pattern as is would make a great fitting jumpsuit with the addition of a bodice. I actually wanted to make my first pair in leather but I’m glad to sewn a test run first. Of course, for the leather version I will still need to sew a toile with the fitting improvements. Sewing leather is a lot easier than people think but you need to be very accurate. So my advice is to make sure the pattern fits you perfectly first. The hem was left unfinished and secured by a zigzag stitch.

  • Sam

    These look fantastic Rachel. I’ve had my eye on that pattern since it was released. I have that blouse too!

    • Kristi Gerin

      The blouse is great! What pattern is it?

  • I know what you mean by having blog posts on stand by (in your head) and finally not being able to express everything you want about the pattern itself. I also get caught in my sewing addiction and less blogging (not able to write a draft when sewing something) so most of my garments are “unblogged” (if that word ever exists). Lovely pants and I look forward to seeing the leather version!

  • Camelia de Bruin

    Looking great, Rachel! I like those seams very much and I am tempted to buy the pattern only I am not sure how the high waist will look on me. I just made the Talvikki sweater and OMG is instant love. This collection is really nice.

  • That’s my favorite color of denim! These look great.

  • I am glad to see this pant pattern. I like how they look and the shaping at the waist and hip is very appealing. I may have to give this a try.

  • SeamsOddLouise.Blogspot.com

    These are perfect, love the high waist.

  • Marquise Electrique

    It fits you so well ! I always thought those kind of pants only fitted, very “skinny” shaped girls without any “booty” at all but you just proved the contrary ;-). I want to make one too now ! And O how I understand about delays between doing and posting… Even now that I have the time of the world it still takes too much time ! Good luck for future posting 🙂

  • cora

    Your trousers look amazing. I have bought this pattern and am eager to make it but I just don’t know what type of fabric to buy for it! I know it has to be 10% stretch, but I buy my fabric online mostly as I don’t live in a city and online retailers do not state the percentage in stretch of a pattern. I don’t want to buy something too thin or stretchy.. Do you have any recommendations? Thank you! xx