A/W 2016 Plans.

I’m always so reluctant to talk sewing plans. Not that I don’t enjoy putting ideas together. I LOVE it. My main issue is that I have far too many ideas. I just don’t settle on a final plan until I cut the fabric.

I have lost count of how many projects I have “prep-stage”:Fabrics washed, patterns: Pdf-ed, traced, muslined, flat altered or just plain cut from the original pattern. (oh yeah Guilty). Some projects get bumped while others just get forgotten under the sewing room mess waiting for me.

I know that for many people talking about sewing plans brings them a feeling of being accountable. That having an extra drive to follow and accomplish plans is helpful. I enjoy creating mood boards as a loose inspiration and another creative outlet. PS: There are a few patterns that doesn’t matter the season still on my to-sew list; mainly from Named. I just change the fabric. I guess I know what suits me.

I have a large  unmentionable fabric stash so having a loose plan and visual references is helping me stay focus and don’t overspend. I was terrible at buying all the new patterns & fabrics during their launch. Now I wait until I really REALLY want to make it. 90% of the time the will fades. SEW less; Sew better! Sewing-Resolution 2017?

I recently started to take note of my sewing books patterns. Do you sew patterns from sewing books? I never do mainly because I forget they exist (The shame). I need a visual library instead of sewing plans. Mood boards do just that. I don’t find apps helpful. I’m old fashion plain old list. Oh and that’s so satisfying. I’m not feeling the need to make everything. I confess it feels good. I actually need to purge some things to clear my focus. Would it mean starting January with big sewing room clear out? Watch this space. 

  • Marimoko

    I also used to wait excitedly for the next new pattern or the next sewing magazine, but now I avoid buying as much as possible (I am in a process of decluttering, and i can’t believe how many magazines and stuff I have accumulated all this time). I felt that I was using my creative energy on buying rather than actually doing something.

    I now think of what I want, draw an idea, and only then look through my patterns to find one that can suit the project. The rule is to never buy a new pattern thait involves (finally) learning some pattern making skills, and it’s so rewarding! I feel like I’m giving my “imprint” to what would otherwise be a mere copy of a pattern.

    The whole process is super slow, but I find healing and pleasure in it.

  • Catherine Daze

    I know what you mean about forgetting book patterns. I have my envelope patterns catalogued on Pinterest but never got round to doing the books. I really should!

    • Its so easy to forget isn’t it? How is life and your bundle joy? Loved following the few posts what you worn on your pregnancy

      • Catherine Daze

        Life is exhausting but very good thanks!