Yellow Eliane Jumpsuit


When I was planing the official launch of my Eliane jumpsuit it was all going well. Fabric purchased, pattern prepared, posting schedule etc.. The idea was to show the first version in denim with the contrasting collar ( the collar is just folder differently to make it appear larger) and a week later follow up with my sew-along ‘cover’ version aka yellow jumpsuit. Life sometimes doesn’t go to plan and the sew along got pushed a bit far duo unforeseen circumstances in my personal life. Back in September when I did managed to record a video sew along but a lot of the filming weren’t up to scratch. I couldn’t hear myself and the yellow fabric reflected badly on camera. Total disaster. To add to my current blogging doom I lost about 2 month worth of pictures of upcoming posts. I felt so disheartened that I wanted to quit blogging till the rest of the year. Lucky I’m plucking myself out of self pity. Recently I started to re-taking pictures. Hopefully I will catch up on my finished item posts in time for my yearly recap. What a year it has been. I’m ready for 2017.


This version is made from crepe from Abakhan. I lengthen the bodice by 3 cm. No other modifications. I really love this version and it’s exactly what I envisioned when collaborating with Style Arc.


Pattern is available to purchase on Gumroad or Etsy. Paper patterns versions are available upon request from Style Arc.


    I love this version Rachel, it is bright, bold and beautiful! looking forward to seeing your next planned posts!

    • Thanks you Ida. Also thank you for your loyal readership. Xoxo

    • houseofpinheiro

      Thank you Ida, for being such a loyal blog readers. happy sewing xx

  • Tomasa

    Love your sunny jumpsuit. It’s beautiful!

    • Thanks darling

    • houseofpinheiro

      thank you Tomasa

  • Absolutely beautiful! Nice to see you have your motivation back to re take picture, what a shame to have lost them. Such a cheerful make 🙂

  • This jumpsuit is so cute!!
    Love the color and the fit is amazing