Unusual start

Gone were the days I measured my sewing success by productivity. My early years were a fury. MAKE MAKE MAKE which indeed it’s was a great drive for learning. Each and every mistake was than avoided or less damaging. My goal was not to create a consistent style but to learn every possible technique. Be exposed to knowledge no matter the result. Than the following years were about creating a sense of self-style. Only sewing clothes that were more likely to be a success. The fit and style being the priority. I didn’t seeked quantity; I needed wearability. An atitude that limited the number of failures but caused a creative block. I missed sewing clothes that were out of the box of my personal style. Patterns I used for furthering learning and nothing else.

How I can sew less but still fulfil the need to fail? I don’t have the same luxury of time or even the thirst to create 50 garments a year. But to fail is important. Failing means one stretched their skills. Failing is not easy. It can be frustrating if sewing time is of the most preciosity. I need to create an environment where I can fulfil my paradoxal sewing needs: I am an explorer. I need to make things out of a perfect sewing plan and allow myself to fail more often. Allowing the satisfaction of proving a skill and scratch my head to figure things out from time to time. I also need to sew items for long term and sustainability. To create the wardrobe of my dreams as my style evolve. That paradox will play its hand in 2017. I’m excited about my sewing journey.

My blog. What 2017 holds? I been meaning to makes changes that didn’t materialised during the last 2 years. That frustrates me. I want to update it and change it’s format. This blog suited me 5 years ago but not for a while. I will be here as I always am. I want to cave some time to fix it but I’m not delusional to the my use of time. When given a choice I will sew. I always do. How frustrating is to not have control of that hunger to sew. Sewing is my drug. I don’t drink, I don’t party like I used to, I work hard so I guess we all need something to loose ourselves. The sewing will always come first.
This is an unusual first blog post of the year for me. I enjoy my yearly review. I feel cheating you out of that but with half of 2016 items unblogged it feels so strange to write a end of year resume. I may still do it. It gives me a sense of achievement to look back and even if this space only inspire one person to sew my goal on the blog is fulfilled.

  • Ahh yes, the frustration of trying to control that hunger to sew. You have put into words exactly how I feel. I look around at all the things that need doing in the house, then forget it all and wander into the sewing room. Sewing is just a necessity, that’s all. Happy new year x

  • Myra

    Yes I totally agree…Sewing is a necessity! I love your Post it really sums up my year. Mine was sewing for quick gratification because social media has taken over my life (and not my blog either, it suffered!). I really want to get back to my sewing, blogging and challenging myself too. Happy New Year and prayers for a successful sewing 2017! (For both of us!)

  • Carolyn Norman

    I think it’s a great first post for the year. You’ve described what makes you want to sew and how you need to take it into the future. Just keeping seeking and searching because it’s the only way you will feed the hunger. I’m sure that 2017 will bring you more sewing challenges that you will meet head on! I will be watching your sewing journey and cheering you on!

  • It’s a great post Rachel & it resonates with me. Just over 12mths ago I outsourced my graphic design & blog refresh and it was the best decision ever & not as expensive as I imagined. Sewing is a good drug of choice. All the best for 2017.

  • perfect first post of the year! I thing the making process is all peaks and troughs. I know at times I find that I sew for the sake of it as I enjoy making and yet I have little need of more clothes in ways, which is why I am trying to sew for others a bit more, or making something that requires more time. The very best of luck for 2017 and look forward to your posts, happy new year

  • mariliza

    Dear Rachel, your blog was one of the first blogs I followed when I started sewing and you surely inspired me.
    I find your first post of the year sincere and I think it shows how your sewing <> through the years.

    Best wishes for the new year!

  • stevie

    Lots of love Rachel. I’m coming back in to blogging too, but I have the same problem. I choose to sew. Hopefully some new camera equipment will help. Lots of luck with the re design! x

  • An interesting read Rachel. I totally agree that learning, and failing, is important but that this is difficult to tie in with creating a meaningful wardrobe. Good luck, I’m sure you’ll figure it out (perhaps creating your own total line of capsule wardrobe patterns?!)

  • idaaidasewing.wordpress.com

    It’s a great post Rachel, interesting to read your thoughts about how you’ve experienced sewing during time and looking forward to see what you’ll be creating during 2017. I love blogging too but have not been very good at it nor the sewing part as I didn’t have much time to sew nor blog, that’s something I wish to change this year!

  • tinygoldenpins

    Thoughtful post! But, please tell me that pink door belongs to you! It’s perfect.

  • Such a great post Rachel! I’m definitely feeling similar this year. I want to sew less, but more complicated projects… but I don’t want the time I’m investing in them to make me feel like i can’t play around in case I mess up and waste all that time/money/fabric.

  • Regina

    Really needed to read this post, Rachel. Lately I have been seriously questioning my directions in crafting and blogging and trying to figure out what I truly want to do, what really makes me happy and gives me joy. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  • Julia Manfredi-Hobbs

    “to fail is important” THIS! It is so true. And yet, it is so easy to forget. We need to allow ourselves to fail more. It’s the only way to grow. Thank you for writing this post. It is exactly what I needed to read at this moment.

  • Maiken Pedersen

    Nice new blog look. Looking tempting!