Makers House: Burberry exhibition 2017

This video is about Makers House Burberry 2017 Exhibition in London. 

Fashion houses have been evolving on the way they present their collection to the world. Gone were the days of exclusive catwalks were only for the insiders were welcomed. We (consumers, fashion lovers, dressmakers) were made to wait for the ‘big reveal’.  Now we are taken to the heart of it. Not only we are invited to enjoy an amazing exhibition of a fashion house couture capability, we go behind the scenes. We are invited to interact with the fashion designer source of inspiration. When art and design comes together in someones mind and they take us on their interpretation of their subject of inspiration. I hope you enjoy my take on this exbibition.

“I made this collection with passion and with integrity. I grew up in Yorkshire with the sculpture park, and Moore is someone I have loved all my conscious life. The way the world is at the moment, it feels like a good time to do something you truly believe in.”-Christopher Bailey.

The video is divided in 3 sections. The first is showcasing exquisite capes; followed by Burberry’s latest catwalk collection and a sneak peek on Christopher Bailey’s mood-board inspiration. On the background you will also see Henry Moore’s work.


    such an exciting exibition, thanks for taking us there through your lenses!

  • Wow this is so inspiring!!