Raw denim Luzerne trench coat

For the first instalment of my personal french couture adventures I will start with a special collaboration with Threads International. Thread is on a mission to transform the fashion industry, for good. Actually from Ground to Good™. After identifying the first mile of supply chain as the highest environmental impact they have been working with developing countries and local producers to build responsible and transparent supply chains. They work towards a circular model in which materials are not thrown away, but rather return for consume.

I’m really happy to be supporting a company that is challenging the mentality of endless cheap raw materials. Their product range uses plastic bottles and organic certified cotton.  We are in a society where we can use technology to recycle products to a high standard. I feel we are all growing conscious of the worlds limits and dwindling of raw materials. However this transformation goes beyond a technological solution but a profound cultural transformation in our society. If you are interested on their work and what fabrics they offer check their website. I can honestly say the fabrics are indeed very beautiful and the positive impact even more.

Thread Ground to Good Intro from Thread on Vimeo.

For this project I used Raw Denim. Denim, as you will know is pure cotton or  cotton blend. The warp can be dyed blue or brown with a white filling. Dying textile is another subject we should explore deeper. The term denim was derived from French “Serge de Nímes” a twill fabric made in Nímes, France. Denim look better broken in so I’m really excited to see how this project will improve with age.

Deer and Doe patterns have a lovely hourglass proportion which suits me well. However their ‘block’ has a very short torso. I always need to lengthen their sewing patterns. I generally like to split the added lengthen in two different areas. The first is dropping the bust apex and the second is just above the waistline. Most sewing patterns companies will add a shortening/ lengthening line. Those are guidelines and work well when the amount needed isn’t very large. It’s more sympathetic to the design lines when you divide greater amounts into smaller sections. The sleeves been lengthen by 3 cm.

Patterns ref notes: Sewn Size 38. Due to the rigidity of the fabric I oped for a clasp finish instead of the traditional buttons. I used shoulder pads for structure and added character to this garment. To make this project I used Mara rPET thread from Gutermann. Made of 100 % recycled polyester. Buttons from my stash. I recently visit a very traditional button store in the UK and we talked about the past were people would have a button box heritage from generations. Next time I travel home I will hunt thru my family lofts and garages for vintage buttons and create my own family button box to travel generations.

  • This coat looks gorgeous on you and I love the sustainable denim. It’s so good to hear of people trying to save the planet while Trump is intent on destroying it

    • Thanks @disqus_fqc8WqPvlb:disqus. Our mothers told us that if you don’t have anything nice to say, use emoji. So, 🙌🏽👑♻️🌎!

  • Denise

    I was just given my grandmother’s button jar for Christmas 😊. I love your trench!

  • This is lovely! I’ve just bought (lots of) denim to make up the Isla Trench Coat, after being inspired by a Pinterest street style shot. Will definitely be checking out Thread International for future fabric options!

    • We would love that, @shauni_s:disqus! Your trouser game is 🔥💯 and it would be so cool to see our Ground to Good fabric in your style.

  • Beth_SunnyGalStudio

    Super cute coat, I love anything denim and you can wear this with so much, dress up or down. Interesting fabric info.

  • Tomasa

    Beautiful trench coat. I truly love anything denim. I am also happy to hear of a company that is concerned with our environment. I wish there were more of them.

  • Fantastic work, Rachel! This may be the most responsible denim on the planet, but we never imagined it could look this refined. Our team is headed down to Haiti next month to meet with some of our plastic suppliers, and we can’t wait to show this project to everyone it supports!

  • gorgeous, and great to hear of an eco aware denim brand – I love the coat, I like the simplified trench idea as I find the double breasted lots of buttons type trench coats a bit severe looking, adore those lines at the back – gorgeous

  • DIY Wardrobe

    This is a beautiful trench coat, Rachel – such a great idea to make a denim version. And I love the button-free option too.

  • Natasha Friegang

    My favorite part of your post was when you said you will go home and look through your family heirlooms for buttons. I love that idea. This coat is so perfect. I love it.

  • How interesting, and very chic!

  • love this, looks great in the denim ;o)

  • Ooo it’s gorgeous! Your fabric choice is stunning and it’s fantastic as a wrap jacket. <3

  • Nice fabric coat and It’s looking so beautiful……