Handbag of dreams.

Lēe hò (hello in Taiwanese). When your handmade closet is bursting of gorgeous clothes take it as hint it’s time to take a break or have your wardrobe collapse on you. True story my friends. However if you cannot stop sewing like me; bag making is a really fun option. You probably already saw this project over my insta and came to visit the blog to check the details. So glad you are here!

The pattern is called craftsmanship bag and has 10 colours variations to choose from. The one I made was the green forest.I was tempted by the yellow too.  The outer fabric is Japanese canvas. It’s water repellent. I got the kit and I couldn’t be happier. The hardest part of sewing a bag for me is gathering all the notions specially if you want high quality zippers and leather details. I am smitten by my own handmade label.

Su Nien Lin (Amy) is a Taiwanese maker and author behind the fashionable Niizo; established 2008. She runs a handcraft studio and enjoy spending time with her daughters when she is not obsessing about canvas.

The bag pattern isn’t hard but it’s time hungry. There are a lot of steps and pieces. To avoid getting confused I labeled each pattern piece with a surgical tape. Its secured but won’t leave adhesive residue. I used a jean needle and a 3mm stitch. No dramas sewing and I took it to sew it really slow over the bank holiday.
The kit is well priced in my opinion or you can acquire just the pattern. The kit doesn’t include thread but it was really easy to match with one of my stash.
The only thing I regret was not adding my ‘House of Pinheiro’ label inside. When I remembered I was too far into the process.  If you follow the instructions you will have a very well made finished project.
I really love my new handmade bag.
Note worthy;
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Disclaimer; kit c/o. All opinions are my own.
  • Tomasa

    Cute bag – love all the hardware.

    • houseofpinheiro

      Thank you. All the details are really pretty.

  • brilliant bag, and looks like it carries a good amount with a few carrying options! love the finish

    • houseofpinheiro

      Thanks dear. The instructions asks to fold the top part and topstitch it down. I raised mine to gain more depth.

  • Anna

    This Looks great! Do you think it would be possible to make it out of leather? Or at least the outside part?

    • Hi Anna, Im sure you can.

    • houseofpinheiro

      Yes you certainly can.

  • Hey Rachel, I am Hannah from Sizzlestitch, i have been following your blog posts from the last two months, you can even count be in the list of your blog avid readers :). The bag is too trendy that i cant wait to make one for myself, the only thing i am concerned of is the fabric you choose, do you also think it will pick dust easily than the leather bags which are easy to clean, however i don’t want to make a leather bag, as i have many in the collection, what other fabric do you suggest for this pattern? Once again, keep doing the great work.


    • Hi Hannah. I think canvas is the best fabric. you can definitely make this in leather or oil cloth.