Creating Couture Embellishment; an unusual review.

Avid sewing blog readers have plenty to say when a new sewing book is launched. Blog feeds get clogged with similar blog book reviews. Hey, first one to put my hands up admitting guilt. It’s really hard to not repeat the obvious. The conundrum for us creating the content is to share something fun and provide as much useful information and passion without sounding like salesman.

Today I’m reviewing the meatiest (and heaviest) visual index of couture techniques sent by my friends at Laurence King. Creating Couture Embellishment by Ellen W. Miller. A Visual Index of every embellishment imaginable. Fabric manipulation, application and so much more. You not only will have a gigantic book of inspirations as well as a step by step guide. How about turning this 400 pages of knowledge into a game. Ready Set SEW. Orrr should I say Bingo. Try any of the techniques from each section and shout COUTURE!

Fun aside, this visual step by step compendium is one stop book of reference. The aesthetics and styling is similar what you find on threads magazine with in-depth information. Language is without jargons and starts you off from zero. Definitely a keeper!

  • Camelia de Bruin

    I pre ordered this a while ago so I hope it will be soon with me! 🙂 It looks great!