Royal Wedding Sew Along. Step 13-15

Simplicity 8292

Not long for the royal wedding outfit reveal and my jumpsuit is coming along nicely. How are you getting along? Last post we finished sewing the bodice front and back, and sewn the neckline to the lining. Now it is time to sew the sleeves.

As mentioned previously I wanted my jumpsuit to have a bigger impact. I doubled the sleeves making the under sleeve slightly longer to create a cascading effect.  I have lined each sleeve with a similar shade of pink and under stitched in place.

My fabric frays a lot so I there are a lot of staystitching.

Setting Sleeves

From the front notch to the back notch sew two rows of long length stitches. Gather evenly.

Sew the sleeve underarm seam. My got nicely enclosed by the lining.

The pattern suggest sewing a narrow hem.

With the wrong side of the garment and the sleeve facing up, place the sleeve through the armhole. Matching then underarm seam of the sleeve to the side seam of our bodice.

Continue to pin matching the front notch of the sleeve to the front notch of the armhole. The shoulders and back notches too. Make sure the raw edges match and all the fullness is distributed evenly between notches.

You can baste all the layers together before sewing in place.

Sew with the sleeve side facing up. Being careful to avoid tucks and puckers. 

With the wrong side of the bodice and the sleeve facing up (right sides together), place the sleeve through the armhole. Make sure you match the underarm seam and the pattern notches per pattern instructions.

The sleeve cap may need adjustments to it’s well distributed and sits nicely. Just keep working till you are happy with the easing.

Sew the sleeve cap to the armhole along the seam allowance starting by the underarm seam going over twice. That area gets a lot of stress and it is good practice to reinforce it.

Press the seam allowance shrinking out the fullness. Finish the seams together. I have decided to overlock them all as one but you can sew the sleeve just on the bodice and hand sew the lining.